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Births happen thousands of times every day all around the world – yet each one is different, miraculous and a rare, brief day a lifetime. My goal is to help the parents fully experience the birth of their child as the truly magical, unique and life changing moment that it really is – to embrace childbirth with joy.

First babies, babies after a traumatic previous experience, home births, epidural births, quick births, long drawn out births and cesareans- all births can be a beautiful event when the mother and father feel safe and supported, and have the knowledge to understand their own specific miracle. Eliminating fear lessens pain.

Find out more on this site about how I can partner with you, and also discover useful birth resources I’ve collected over time.

I am based in Albany, which  is in East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, near Berkeley and Oakland. I am a dual language speaker, with English and Hebrew.


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